Straight Talk for Boys About Sex with Males


This information is for any boy who is old enough to be able to read it, and who wants straight talk about all aspects of sex between boys and other males. It talks plainly about such sex as it really exists, the good parts and the bad parts. It is not about what is "moral" nor what your church may believe about sex. It is not about what your teachers may tell you, nor what your parents may think is right or wrong. It is about real facts, not "pretend" things, and it doesn't leave out certain activities that some older people don't want boys to know anything about. So some adults may not want you to read and learn this information, because they think it is "evil" and will teach you things they don't want you to know about.

Sex and love are not the same thing, although sex is something that people in love often do. You probably have never had any kind of sex play with your mom or dad, but if they are good to you, you still love them very much. Sex is how babies get started when the partners are old enough, but most sex is done only for the pleasure it brings. Sex play is just plain physical fun, boys enjoy it simply because it feels good. Sex play is something you can do by yourself, but it is more fun and more satisfying if you can do it with a close and trusted friend. Sharing sex play can build trust and confidence, and may help you to like your friend better, or perhaps even to love him to some degree.

Love is not something that either is or is not. You can like someone, love them a little bit, love them very much, or anywhere in between. Any two people can love each other, it doesn't have to be a male and a female. And love can change, you may love someone today, but lose interest in them later, this is normal. The "love forever" that you read about in storybooks is mostly just that, a story. People change, they develop new interests and lose old ones. You may have a friend right now, a boy near your own age, an older boy, or even a man, that you care for very much, you could say that you "love" him. But a few years from now you may find a girl that you care for just as much. You may not forget the first friend, but you will then spend much more time with your new love. This is the way things happen.

Boys like to tease, wrestle, and indulge in horseplay, and these may involve some sex play that is acceptable to all involved. But when a boy is forced to allow sexual things to be done to him or to do sexual things that he really doesn't want, it is neither love nor sex play, it is just plain aggression. The aggressor, even though he gets sexual pleasure from the act, gets his real satisfaction from overpowering his victim and forcing him to submit. A lot of the bad things people hear and believe about sex come from these acts of aggression, and not from sex play or love.

Sexuality is not something wrong or weird, it is an important part of who you are from the day you are born. Learning about sex should be the same as learning what kinds of food you like, how much sleep you need, or how far you can run before getting exhausted. These are things you have to learn yourself, no one can find them out for you. So what is presented here does not tell you what you have to do or should do about sex. Nor does it tell you what you should not do, except in a few cases where there may be real danger of harm or disease. It simply tells you what is known about what boys have been doing since history started being written down some 4000 years ago. What sexual things you choose to do, or not do, by yourself, or with other people, is up to you.

But you need to know that doing anything sexual with other persons can get you and them in trouble. It can be an awful lot worse if the other person is more than one or two years older than you, he may wind up in jail. And if you are much older than the other person, you will be the one in really big trouble. Not because sex is wrong or bad, but because some people want you to believe that it is wrong or bad. You might have to go to a doctor and be examined naked, and the doctor will check your private parts and up inside your behind very thoroughly. You might have to go to a counselor who will ask all sorts of nosy questions and try to tell you that what you did was bad and wrong, or perhaps that you were abused. Sometimes boys are forced to attend "group" therapy for weeks and months, where they have to tell everyone there over and over again what they did, a very upsetting thing to have to do.

Sexual activity with another person is a very serious matter, and in most cases is illegal. You only have two choices, one is doing what your mind and body tell you is harmless and educational fun, but then you may be breaking the law and getting yourself and your partner in a lot of trouble if other people find out about it. Your other choice is to obey the law and be terribly frustrated by denying yourself the learning and satisfaction that can come from sex play. Boys should not have to be faced with such impossible choices, but that is the way the world is today. Perhaps when you are older you can do your part to make your world a better place for the boys who will follow in your footsteps.

A note about words: In this booklet, correct words are used to describe body parts and activities. If there are well known "slang" words for the same thing, they will come after the correct word, and will be enclosed in parentheses, like (this). Parentheses are also used to explain words with which you may be unfamiliar (not know).


Your Male Body Oral Sex
Finding a Friend Anal Sex
Understanding your Feelings What About Being Gay?
Looking and Touching Bad Things Can Happen
Masturbation Finally

Your Male Body

Boys' bodies are different from girls' bodies. As a boy, you have a penis (pecker, cock, prick) that you use to urinate (pee, piss) but you can also use it to have fun. You can have an erection (hard on, boner, stiffy) where your penis becomes larger, stiff, and sticks out in front of you. It feels good to touch and play with your penis whether it is flaccid (soft) or erect. A boy can be stimulated to get an erection because he sees or thinks about something that gets him sexually aroused (horny, turned on, hot), or from playing with his penis. But sometimes he gets an erection for no reason, even when he is asleep. Boys also have a scrotum (bag, sack) below their penis which contains the testicles or testes (balls, nuts). All together these are known as genitals or genitalia, (privates) and where they are located is called the pubic area.

If a boy plays with his erect penis by rubbing the loose skin up and down for a long enough time, he likely will have a climax (go off), which is a very pleasant feeling. This is called masturbation (jacking off) and is discussed in more detail in a later section. A boy can also put his erect penis into a girl's vagina and have a climax from moving his penis back and forth inside her.

A boy's penis is normally completely covered by skin which can be pulled back to expose the end, but some baby boys have part of that skin cut off. This is called circumcision, and used to be done to almost all boys so it would be easier to keep their penis clean. This is being done less and less any more, except where some religions demand that it be done.

When a boy, usually about the time he enters his teens, begins the process of puberty, his penis and testicles will begin to grow much faster than the rest of his body, and he will also begin to grow hair in his pubic area. The timing and rate of this growth varies quite a bit from one boy to another, so your friend who is your age may have a much larger or smaller penis and scrotum than yours, or more or less pubic hair. These differences pretty much even out by the time boys become fully mature in their late teens, but some males do wind up with larger penises than others. This may contribute to their ego, but it has very little to do with the pleasure which the penis provides them, or with the ability to become a father.

Most boys have two testicles. A few boys only have one testicle, but they can still make sperm when they get old enough. Testicles are extremely sensitive, and if they are hit or squeezed they hurt really bad.

At some point during puberty a boy's testicles begin to make sperm. Sperm are tiny cells that are combined with fluids from the prostate and other glands inside the body to make a white, sticky mixture called semen (cum), which comes out of a boy's penis when he climaxes and ejaculates (goes off, cums). Sometimes a boy will ejaculate while he is sound asleep (have a wet dream), and this is completely normal. If a boy is old enough to have sperm, has intercourse with (fucks) a girl who is old enough, and has a climax and ejaculates inside her, she may become pregnant, and after about nine months will have a baby.

Girls have an easily separated vertical pair of skin covered lips called vulva, in the same area where boys have their penis and scrotum. These vulva cover the opening to the vagina (pussy, cunt), an interior tube that is about the same size as the erect penis of a boy about the same age. They also cover the opening to the urethra, which a girl uses to urinate, and a small organ called the clitoris, which if stimulated may cause the girl to become sexually aroused.

Finding a Friend

A lot of boys start learning about sex from other males, either their own age or older. In many cases sex play is part of the learning, the forms this play can take are talked about further down. Boys usually are more comfortable learning from other males rather than from females, and parents and other adults tend to accept boys' sex play with one another a little bit more than boys' sex play with girls or older males.

A close and trusted male friend is a good choice to ask about sex. This can be someone your own age, an older boy, or even a man. Boys get some information about sex from their parents, but sex play with other males is not something your father or mother is likely to be happy to have you ask about. You know that your father and mother have sex together, or you wouldn't be here. But what your parents do sexually is their private business, and what you do sexually should also be your own private business. Parents expect you to learn about sex when they think you are old enough, but their idea of "old enough" and your idea of "old enough" are not likely to be the same.

You must be very careful about letting someone know that you are interested in sex play. Some will get upset with you, others may laugh at you and make fun of you. Other boys can be very cruel and spread stories if they think you are looking for someone to have sex play with. But quite often the same boys who would make fun of you would secretly like to do the same things that you want to do, but they are afraid. Older boys and men may be frightened about getting caught having sex play with you, because they can be put in jail for just touching you. So you have to think of ways to "signal" your interest to another person without openly saying what you want. And if you do find someone who is interested, one of the first things you need to do is talk about how important it is that nobody else can know about what you agree to do.

Boys sometimes form informal secret groups or clubs for the purpose of enjoying sex play together. But you will probably only hear about such a club if you have a good friend who is already a member, and your friend will have to ask the club to invite you if you want to join. There are usually no serious drawbacks to becoming a member if you first find out what is expected of you, and if you know and like the boys who are involved. But don't be surprised if as part of your "initiation" you are required to prove your intent to participate by shedding all your clothes in front of the group while they keep theirs on, and then performing some kind of sex play while they watch.

A very different and dangerous kind of group is one which is controlled by much older boys or men and may involve drugs, posing for naked pictures, having sex with people you don't know, and other bad things. If you want to join a group, find out exactly what kind it is and what they do. You could get a terrible disease, get hurt, or wind up in really big trouble if you become involved with this second kind of group.

So if you decide on your own that you want to try to find a friend for sex play, be very cautious and careful. It is a terrible thing that society has made sex for boys so difficult. It doesn't have to be that way, and in other times and in other places in the world it wasn't. Hopefully sometime in the future the bad things that people imagine about sex will go away, and boys will be able to have sex play without fear.

Understanding your Feelings

The world you live in doesn't really understand or appreciate that boys are sexual beings, and so sexual activities by boys are not very well accepted. You have probably been told as long as you can remember that sex is something you shouldn't even think about, much less do. This makes it difficult for you to have good feeling about yourself and your sexuality, and a lot of boys get worried and upset when they find themselves thinking about sex.

But the problem is not with you or your sexuality, the problem is with the crazy rules and laws we have to live with. There is nothing really wrong with thinking about sex, sex is normal and part of who you are. And if you can find a safe and trustworthy friend, there is nothing wrong with experimenting and having fun with sex play. When two people both consent to doing sexual things with each other, there is nothing wrong with it, even though some adults may tell you it is wrong. It is important that you are happy with what you are doing or planning to do, and that you are as sure as you can be that anyone you plan to join in sex play is also happy with the idea. If either of you is scared or unsure, or if you are worried that someone may be hurt, it is better to wait until another time when you have had a chance to think more about it. Later on, if you still feel worried or scared, it may be best if you just don't do whatever you were thinking about.

However, the form of sex play you choose may be against the law, so if you decide to do it, don't let other people know. The truth of the matter is that sex only becomes bad when someone is forced to do something they don't really want to do. But even though you both agree to do something, you and your friend may be punished if you get caught. Then you will feel bad about what happens to your friend, and will be unhappy about what happens to you.

It is not uncommon for a boy to develop an intense emotional and sexual attraction to (have a crush on) another male. This may be a boy his own age, a younger or older boy, or a man. Usually this is because the boy admires the other person's personality and character, he may also feel that the other person is physically beautiful or handsome as well as sexually desirable. Sometimes it is possible for the boy to carefully and cautiously indicate his interest to the other person in one way or another, and a friendship may develop. But the other person may not be interested in a friendship, which is painful and frustrating, but the attraction goes away over time, and another one may replace it.

So don't let people make you feel bad about your sexual feelings. Just be careful what you do, alone and with others, and who you tell. It only takes one person hearing about or seeing you having sex to cause you a lot of trouble.

Looking and Touching

Most people in North America and Europe are very careful not to let anyone see them without clothes. There are a few people who call themselves nudists or naturalists who have campgrounds, beaches, and other places where they can all be naked together. Most little boys are not bothered by being seen naked, if anything, they enjoy it, until they are taught to in their first few years to be ashamed of their bodies. Fifty years ago, boys and men swam naked together in the YMCA pools, and before that males swam naked anywhere there were only other males. Even today there are still countless unofficial ponds, lakes, and beaches where boys choose to swim in the nude (go skinny dipping). So being ashamed of his naked body is not a natural or normal thing for a boy, it is something bad that is forced upon him.

Unfortunately, in the last 20 years or so, boys have been strongly conditioned to be ashamed of their bodies, primarily by a social and political movement called "feminism." The perverting influence of these feminists has now reached the point where boys are so self-conscious and ashamed of their bodies that most wear long baggy pants and swimwear to conceal their maleness, and a lot of boys won't even take naked showers together. But boys who have the backbone to maintain their self respect and accept their maleness feel that normal length street shorts or a "Speedo" type swimsuit are fine. Boys with self esteem who understand and accept their entire bodies as good and wholesome are also not ashamed to be seen naked in the shower or changing room. Self confident boys pay no attention to mean or stupid boys who may call them a "homosexual" (queer, gay, faggot) because they choose to shower naked, they realize that the ones doing the name calling are weak, afraid, and ashamed of their own bodies.

However, getting naked with other males when you are feeling sexy is very different. Boys may become sexually aroused and get an erection by seeing another's genitals, by showing off their own, or even by just anticipating getting naked. They may simply agree to take off some or all of their own or each others' clothes, or, usually in the context of horseplay where some "pretend" resistance is put up, they may wrestle each other's clothing off, most often laughing and having great fun in the process. Once everyone's genitals are fully exposed, the boys may be satisfied by just looking at each other. But the desire to touch and explore is quite strong, it is natural to want to know what each other's bodies and genitals feel like. So quite often a "looking and showing" play time will progress to a "feeling and being felt" session, and perhaps even to self or mutual masturbation, which is described in the next section.

Boys are led to believe that they are not supposed to kiss other boys, but this is just cultural nonsense. Kissing is just another way of touching someone that you like or love. If you kiss one of your parents or another relative, kissing is not intended to be sexual. But if you have a desire to kiss another boy or man in a sexual way, there is no reason why you shouldn't as long as he is willing to be kissed. You can kiss by simply pressing your lips together, or you can both put your tongues in each others' mouth. This may sound gross if you have never tried it, but it can be a lot of fun and is usually very arousing once you get used to it. It is also sexually stimulating for most any boy to be gently touched or rubbed almost anywhere on his body by someone he likes, but especially on his genitals and on the nipples on his chest.

As long as both parties agree about seeing and being seen, touching and being touched, and kissing and being kissed, there is nothing wrong with it, except in the eyes of some adults and the law. When touching is done gently and with respect, it feels good. But you must be comfortable and free from pressure in your own decision to look, show, touch, or be touched. And in order to keep from being punished, such activities must be done where nobody else can see, and they must not be talked about to others.


Masturbation, briefly described in an earlier section, is something that almost all males start to do when they are boys. A boy masturbates by putting his fingers or hand around his penis and moving the loose skin back and forth. He usually keeps doing this until he reaches a climax, which is a good but very intense feeling. While he is climaxing, a boy may breathe very heavily, get sweaty, move his hips back and forth, and experience other sensations. A boy who is not old enough to make semen can have a climax without ejaculating, but an older boy will ejaculate while he is having his climax.

In years past boys were told that masturbation was bad for them, that is caused pimples, blindness, insanity, and other terrible things. But those were just a bunch of lies that some people made up to try to keep boys from doing what was natural for them. Today masturbation is understood and accepted as being normal for boys.

Masturbation may be done alone, but it may also be done by two or more males together. In some cases, where everyone agrees, they will take turns masturbating each other, which is known as "mutual masturbation." Responses to a recent survey of 267 males showed that 71% of them had both performed and received mutual masturbation before they were 18, and that most of them began this before they were 12. But here again, if the wrong people find out about this sort of activity, everyone involved may get in trouble. So everyone who agrees to participate in masturbation with others must realize that they can't talk about it outside the group.

Sometimes a boy may be made to masturbate himself while others watch, to allow himself to be masturbated by one or more other boys, or to masturbate another person. When it is just good natured horseplay and everyone in the group accepts his turn at being made to do things, most boys really don't object. But some boys may become very frightened, unhappy, or angry, especially if they are really threatened or physically forced, or if they are the only one in the group who has to do things. Sex play is fun when it is consensual (everyone agrees to do it), but when it is nonconsensual (one or more don't want to do it), it is no longer fun. Some adults try to make a big deal about nonconsensual sex play, but there is most often no lasting emotional or psychological harm done, only some embarrassment and perhaps resentment.

Masturbation is normal for boys to do, but whether you decide to do it or not, by yourself or with others, is up to you. No one else can or should try to decide for you. And to keep from getting in trouble you shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Oral Sex

A boy can have his penis stimulated in many different way. A very common way is for another person to lick a boy's penis and scrotum with their tongue, and then stimulate his penis between their lips and in their mouth. The proper word for this is "fellatio." This word is not commonly used, but since it is the correct word it will be used here. What is usually heard is either "oral sex" or "blow job," although there is really no blowing of air involved. Another common word is "cock sucking," and there are too many other words to try to list them.

If this is the first time you have ever heard about fellatio, you may think it is sick and disgusting for someone to put the thing that a boy uses to pee through in their mouth. But there is no real difference between having a finger or a penis in your mouth, if both have been freshly washed. The disgust is in people's minds, and is another product of the sick attitude that so many have about any kind of sex that don't do themselves. But it is a very common practice, the survey mentioned above showed that about 65% of males both receive and perform fellatio before they turn 18, with most having their first experience about age 12.

There is nothing really difficult about performing fellatio, it is much like eating an ice cream cone or a lollipop. Receiving fellatio is just a matter of allowing the other person to do it and allowing yourself to respond to the stimulation. The penis itself has no taste unless it is not clean. However, if the boy is old enough to make semen, when he reaches a climax and ejaculates into the other person's mouth, the semen will have a weak salty taste. The taste is said to not be terribly unpleasant, and some people say it tastes good. How semen tastes depends a lot on the person doing the tasting. Some people swallow the semen, others spit it out.

Fellatio most often takes place between two males who have had other sex play together. It can take place between boys of the same age, or between a boy and a younger or older boy or even a man. Sometimes only one person fellates (blows, sucks) the other, other times they take turns fellating each other. It is even possible for them to get into positions where they can fellate each other at the same time. It is your own choice to do it or not do it, but if you choose to participate, everyone involved has to remember not to let anyone else find out about what has happened.

Like masturbation, a boy can be forced to participate in fellatio against his will. He may be embarrassed or angry about it, but in all probability, despite what some adults may try to tell you, he will not suffer any long term emotional or psychological harm. Fellatio, like any other sexual activity, should be fun for everyone involved, and it can't be fun if someone is forced into it.

Anal Sex

A boy can also stimulate his penis by putting it into another person's anus (butthole, asshole). This is known as anal sex or anal intercourse (buttfucking). The same survey mentioned earlier shows that about 35% of boys have received anal sex by the time they turn 18, and about 30% have performed it. The survey also shows that anal sex is most frequently first tried by boys from 11 to 13, but vaginal intercourse with females begins most frequently at 16. It seems that a lot of boys "try out" various sexual activities with males as a learning process, and then later move on to sex with females.

Like oral sex, the first time you find out about anal sex you may think it is dirty and disgusting. After all, you might reason, feces (shit) comes out of the anus, and why would anyone want to put their penis in there and get feces on it? The answers are that first, anal sex feels really great, and second, the penis gets very little if any feces on it during anal sex. And if it does, soap and water will get it off quite easily. It is also a good idea to wear a condom (rubber) over your penis to protect yourself from getting a disease, as well as to keep your penis clean.

The rectum is the portion of the bowel, just inside the anus, that is entered by the partner's penis. It is fairly flexible, but it is important that it be large enough for the penis to fit into it. So it is not a good idea for a much older male to attempt anal sex with a younger boy. Generally speaking, this is not a problem if the boy doing it is not more than a few years older, or is not a lot physically larger, than the boy receiving it. The anus has a ring shaped muscle called the rectal sphincter which is normally closed, but which relaxes and opens when you have a bowel movement (take a shit). This same muscle must not be tightly closed for anal sex, and it can be relaxed and stretched by the gentle and gradual insertion of one or more fingers before the actual intercourse, along with the use of a lubricant such as saliva (spit), Vaseline, or KY Ointment on the anus, and on the fingers and the penis which are to be inserted.

A boy can position himself to receive anal sex by lying on his stomach, usually with a pillow under his abdomen and with his legs spread apart, or on his side with one or both of his legs drawn up towards his chest. Or he can be on his hands and knees, bent over something like a table, or on his back with his legs pulled up near his shoulders.

The prostate gland lies right next to the rectum, and the mild pressure on it from the inserted penis usually produces pleasant feelings. The anus also is sensitive to stimulation, so anal sex is usually quite pleasurable for both parties. However, it can be painful for the boy receiving it, especially right at first, if he is tense because he is scared, if he is entered too quickly or forcefully resulting in too much and too sudden pressure on the prostate, or if his anus is somewhat small and has not been adequately stretched. A considerate partner will help with relaxing and thorough preparation and not be in a hurry nor use excessive force to push his penis in. After entering slowly and a little bit at a time, he will allow his partner plenty of time to get used to the sensations and to become comfortable with the experience.

Once a boy has been entered and finds that it doesn't hurt or quits hurting, his partner will want to move his penis back and forth inside him until he reaches a climax and, if he is old enough, ejaculates. The receiving boy usually continues to get a lot of pleasure as well from the stimulation of his prostate and the nerves in his anus. It is also quite common for partners to exchange roles after the first one has had his climax.

Perhaps more than in any other form of sex play, a boy who is to receive anal sex must thoroughly understand what to expect, and he must be completely willing. If he is not willing and is forced to submit to anal sex, it is called rape. Rape is a cruel thing to do, it can cause physical injury, and it is also a very serious crime. Rape can sometimes even cause emotional and psychological harm, but almost all boys who experience being raped get over it and go on to lead quite normal lives.

So if you, as a boy, are thinking about receiving anal sex, make sure you ask your partner all the questions you want to, and that you get answers that satisfy you. Or if you are planning to perform anal sex on another boy, make sure he understands and is completely willing. Anal sex can be fun if both parties are willing, and if it is done gently and with mutual respect. But once again, make certain that no one else finds out about what you have done, or you could be in more trouble that you can imagine.

What About Being Gay?

In the first place, there is nothing horribly wrong with being a gay person, or "homosexual" (queer, faggot). There are a lot of narrow minded people, however, who are not able to accept that gay people are no different than any other people, gays just choose to engage in an alternative form of sex. Apart from their sexual preference, gays are the same as the rest of the human race. They do still suffer from discrimination and hate, but this is the fault of those that discriminate and hate, not the fault of the gay persons.

It is a bad thing to let someone teach you to be mean and hateful to certain classes of people, just because of who they are. You most likely will not grow up to be gay, only about 5 to 10% of males think of themselves as definitely gay. But you may have friends who will find out when they are older that they are gay, and you may have older friends who already have decided they are gay. A boy whose thinking has not been warped should and will accept these friends just the same as any other friends. Most gays are kind and loving people, and are no more likely than anyone else to do you any harm, sexually or otherwise.

It is also believed that no male is 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual. So, as an example, it is possible for a man to be happily married, have children and love them deeply, and still enjoys sex with other males, even with boys. Sexual preference, or "orientation," is a very complex thing, it is not so simple as being only one way or the other. And no sexual preference is "wrong."

Most people who study how people become gay agree that a person is either born gay, or that his sexual preference is somehow established in the first year or two of life. So sex play with other males while you are a boy will not "make" you gay. It is usually a stage that a boy goes through on his way to getting interested in girls later on, and nothing more. Therefore there is no reason to not enjoy sex play with other males just because you think it will make you become gay. It just doesn't happen that way. If you are going to be gay, it won't be because of what you do, but because of what you already are. There is nothing that can be done to change your orientation in either direction.

Bad Things Can Happen

The fact that sex play between boys and other males is mostly illegal has been mentioned often so far. But it can't be said too often, or stressed too much, that most people who find out that you have had such sex play will tell your parents, and then either they or your parents will call the police. What happens then, as we pointed out in the very first section, can be awful and can mess up your life for years. So be very, very careful about what you do, who you do it with, and who else knows. Be safe rather than sorry.

But there are other bad things that can happen as a result of your desire to explore your sexuality. You have probably heard of AIDS, and there are other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or STDs, that you can catch during sex play. One thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear a condom on your penis if you perform anal sex, or insist that your partner wear a condom if you are going to receive anal sex. Another thing is to avoid contact with other people who have sex with a lot of different people. It is better to limit your sex play to only those people who you know really well, and who you know don't have sex with a bunch of other people. But if anything happens to you that you think may have given you an STD, find some way of getting to a doctor, quick, and tell him everything. It is better to get in trouble for something that you did or was done to you, than to get terribly sick or even die.

Some boys get so desperate for sex play that they go into public restrooms or other places where they think they can find an older boy or man who will have sex with them. Other boys go to places that are known to be hangouts for boys who will have allow people to have sex with them for money. Some boys will allow themselves to be picked up by strangers, and get into a car with them. These things and others like them can be dangerous for many reasons. You could be photographed naked, even while being forced to have oral or anal sex, and these photographs could be used to blackmail you. You could get an STD, especially if you are raped. You could get beat up for refusing to do what the person demands, or for no reason at all. You could be kidnapped and be forced to submit to unwanted sex over and over again, perhaps from more than one person. You could even be murdered. You are much safer having your sex play only with people you know and trust.


To summarize what has been presented, sexuality is a normal part of every person from the day they are born, and you should not feel bad or scared because you want to find out about sex and try various thing to see how they feel. What you decide to do or not do about exploring your sexuality should be your own business, and nobody else's. Sex play between any two people who agree to do it is not wrong, but some people, and most laws, try to say it is wrong if either of the parties is below a certain age. So if you are going to explore your sexuality by engaging in sex play, make sure that you know and can completely trust the other person. Also make sure that you and he both completely understand that it is dangerous for anyone else to know about your activities. There are many different things that can be done in sex play, and none of them are bad as long as both people agree. But there are some situations and activities that are dangerous and harmful, and you need to know what these are and avoid them.

Hopefully this information has helped you to understand your self and your sexuality, and has helped you to become a better informed and more confident person.



This document is copyrighted 2002 by Straight Talk. However, providing the text is not altered, and nothing is added or deleted, permission is hereby granted for unlimited reproduction and free distribution.